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Find the perfect symbol of your love in our special, timeless collection of Gold Wedding Rings. 

The Wedding Rings collection, in Zlatarna Križek, is the most famous jewelry collection. Jewelry from that collection has been worn by generations since 1935. The Wedding rings collection is constantly updated and this is only one part of the wedding ring models. Wedding rings are made to measure and this is only a gallery for viewing and selection. You can find out everything about the ring in our branches or at the customer service. You too sail into the port of marriage with wedding rings from Zlatarna Križek.


Since 1935, Zlatarna Križek has been making timeless jewelry that is much more than just a fashion accessory. Decades of tradition and experience allow us to offer you the pieces of jewelry you deserve and want every time, without exception. Wedding rings are no exception.

During more than 85 years of our goldsmith work, we have had the honor of collaborating with a large number of newlyweds who have inspired us with their love stories and encouraged us to create even more beautiful and high quality wedding rings. Our creativity is driven by you, and we want to help tell your irreplaceable stories through our unique wedding rings.

Rings or wedding rings carry a special symbolism and represent a piece of jewelry that is most often worn for the rest of life. They are the crown and sign of the beginning of your married life and your eternal symbol of communion. And in order for this symbol to represent you in the right way, we at Zlatarna Križek will take care of it.

When creating the perfect wedding rings for you, we place great focus on the design and quality of workmanship, creativity and diversity of the offer, but also on your individual needs. With us, you will always get a custom wedding ring that will fulfill all your expectations and wishes, and magnify and immortalize your dream wedding in the right way.

Check our offer and say "yes" to your dream wedding ring, and then to your dream partner!


Discover classic and traditional wedding rings or rings of modern design, minimalist wedding rings or rings with stones, wedding ring white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or a unique combination of wedding rings white, rose and yellow gold.

In the wide range of wedding rings in the collection of Zlatarna Križek, every couple will undoubtedly find rings that most sincerely and vividly represent their love and togetherness. We understand that every love is special and almost indescribable, and that every couple has their own idea and idea of the perfect wedding ring. It is for this reason and based on many years of experience working with newlyweds and working in designing wedding rings, that we create rings of various styles and materials.

Our goal is for all newlyweds to turn to us with certainty and confidence, knowing that they will find what they are looking for, as well as a very cordial and friendly atmosphere. Our professional and friendly staff is here to help you in the process of choosing the perfect wedding ring, and to patiently answer all your questions.

At Zlatarna Križek, we try to make this special event in your life even more special, so contact us with confidence!

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