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Croatian cultural heritage is an endless source of inspiration and a true challenge of modern creation.
Feel the dedication and love of national heritage in Croatian traditional lace embroidery. For hundreds of years, the diligent hands of anonymous women, skilful lace makers, have been spinning their threads intertwined in their work with the particularities of local identity as part of Croatian ethnographic and cultural heritage. The result of such work, collectively referred to as Lace-making in Croatia, has been recognized and proudly proclaimed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.


Emphasize your femininity and sophistication with jewelry from the Lace collection, whose design is inspired by the recognizable motifs of Pag, Lepoglava and Hvar lace.

Our lace-looking jewelry, such as gold lace bracelet, gold lace necklace, gold lace ring, Hvar lace earrings, etc., is identified with elegance and style and is a combination of modern creation and commitment to tradition and cultural heritage. The motif of delicate and refined lace will undoubtedly emphasize your beauty and give you a romantic look.


In the online shop of Zlatarna Križek, you will find a wide selection of luxury gold lace jewelry that will not only be a top fashion accessory, but also a symbol of quality and timeless values. Take a peek at the luxurious offer of our Lace collection, choose something special for yourself or make your loved one happy with some of the beautiful pieces of our gold lace jewelry.

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