A collection of jewelry of Croatian heritage, from the area of today's Dubrovnik and its surroundings. The design and visual identity of jewelry dates back to the 13th century and originated from Dubrovnik goldsmiths from that time. Today, Zlatarna Križek produces Dubrovnik jewelry, and this work and effort has been recognized by many local and foreign celebrities, local residents of the Dubrovnik area, residents of the whole of Croatia and all those who have something to do with Dubrovnik and many tourists. The collection is attractive, rich in appearance and specific, so you should definitely try to wear it.

Discover classic and traditional wedding rings or rings of modern design, minimalist wedding rings or rings with stones, wedding ring white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or a unique combination of wedding rings white, rose and yellow gold.


In the wide range of wedding rings in the collection of Zlatarna Križek, every couple will undoubtedly find rings that most sincerely and vividly represent their love and togetherness. We understand that every love is special and almost indescribable, and that every couple has their own idea and idea of the perfect wedding ring. It is for this reason and based on many years of experience working with newlyweds and working in designing wedding rings, that we create rings of various styles and materials.


Our goal is for all newlyweds to turn to us with certainty and confidence, knowing that they will find what they are looking for, as well as a very cordial and friendly atmosphere. Our professional and friendly staff is here to help you in the process of choosing the perfect wedding ring, and to patiently answer all your questions.

At Zlatarna Križek, we try to make this special event in your life even more special, so contact us with confidence!



Dubrovnik gold jewelry is more than ordinary jewelry. It is a story of ancient times and a symbol of the rich history of Dubrovnik. Its tradition is still alive, preserved and nurtured, so the jewelry still continues to enchant with its timeless beauty and uniqueness of workmanship. It is worn not only by Dubrovnik women, but also by women from all parts of Croatia and the world who are enchanted by its uniqueness and symbolism of values that are not lost over time, but gain even more importance.


In our unique offer of traditional Dubrovnik gold jewelry you will find contemporary and elegant Konavle earrings, recognizable and famous Dubrovnik earrings Peružina, irresistible and authentic ring of Dubrovnik Peružina, and numerous pendants and necklaces that exude inspiring historical value. The collection is attractive, rich in appearance and specific, and you should definitely try it on.


Explore our Dubrovnik gold jewelry collection and choose the ideal specimen for yourself. By purchasing traditional Dubrovnik jewelry, you will take with you a piece of Dubrovnik's golden history.