To have your product repaired, fill out a jewelry service request and follow the steps in the section on sending jewelry for service. Make sure you send us your piece of jewelry for repair without additional items such as a gift box or a certificate.
Please note that the repair process takes up to 10 business days depending on the product itself.
If you would like to have something repaired and not purchased on our webshop, be sure to consult first
customer service. Zlatarna Križek doo is not responsible for the missing jewelry in the shipments and for the items that contained specific jewelry for repair and which was sent to us and possibly came damaged in delivery or did not arrive at all. In the event that jewelry cannot be repaired, you will be notified in due time by the Customer Service.
We draw attention to the risk and the possibility that jewelry cannot in some cases be repaired for technical and technological reasons. Zlatarna Križek doo does not bear the cost of returning the jewelry to the buyer who sent the jewelry; In the case of risky repairs with the possibility of further damage to the repair or service, you will be informed in good time before the repair procedures. Our expert team that deals with jewelry service and repairs expertly inspects any jewelry before repair, and if there is any indication that something might happen during the repair, we will notify you immediately before anything is done to repair it. You then give your permission in writing to the team to be able to service, and at your own risk and responsibility, if something happens during that risky action. Our team handles every piece of jewelry very expertly and accurately, but sometimes "under the surface" hides unexpected events.
Shipping costs to us and from us to the customer are paid by the buyer. You will be notified when filling out a service request form
For any additional inquiries, contact Customer Service.

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