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Jewelery maintenance and preservation

In order to keep your jewelry in good and radiant condition, it is of course necessary to maintain and properly wear and dispose of it. By doing so, you avoid situations that belong to the situation of non-recognition of complaints, which are physical damage. Each jewelry that is made at Zlatarna Križek doo has gone through the production process of several hands of our experts in jewelry making and thus a multi-stage quality control, which is a priority in all segments of jewelry production in Zlatarna Križek doo. Jewelry from Zlatarna Križek doo is made of precious metals and precious semi-precious or synthetic stones.
Certain materials and certain prirophic as well as synthetic stones have their specific hardness. Likewise, all these materials have their own chemical reactions in contact with certain other materials that have their own chemical properties.
For example, Silver reacts very violently in contact with both air and skin and skin. chemical compounds secreted by human skin. Then we say that silver is "black" but it is actually oxidation that is a side effect of such reactions. As a rule, Silver and Gold are softer as a material of a lot of materials in which we are in daily contact so that when we wear jewelry on hand we must be aware that there are "scars" on the jewelry from the handle, all of stainless steel, eg handrail, etc. Jewelry is needed remove before going to bed when washing dishes, bathing, etc. Perfumes of varnishes and other chemical compounds should not be applied to jewelry, as stains and other chemical reactions may occur on the jewelry from reactions. It is certainly advisable to check occasionally when wearing large pieces of jewelry with larger stones that the stone is well embedded. Once a year, it would be desirable to bring a ring for the restoration and checking of the solidity of the stone. Whether we like it or not, our hands constantly cling to the objects around us without even being aware of it, so control is never out of the question. The jewelry should be stored in separate jewelry boxes in which each piece of jewelry is in its compartment so that the jewelry is not damaged by friction against each other.

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