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Guarantee policy

The jewelry of Zlatarna Križek doo is made of quality materials and is made by professionally qualified "" State Institute of Metrology "" and thus passed the control of material quality and material purity.

For all its products, Zlatarna Križek doo provides a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. In the event of any manufacturing defect, Zlatarna Križek doo will correct any defects found as long as your piece of jewelry meets the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

We will first check any claims we have received and which are subject to warranty, in our claims department, before the claims are processed. If our Complaints Department, in conjunction with production, verifies during the inspection that the defect was not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will inform you and notify you on your contact email from your account.




Terms and Conditions for Using a 2 year Warranty and Repair


1. The warranty applies only to damage caused by a manufacturing process that is easy to claim and does not cover damage and deformation caused by accident, misuse, negligence, unauthorized servicing or wear and tear, deformation damage due to heavy loading of the hand or other jewelry components. and therefore deforms the jewelry as a result.

2. The guarantee is void and is not valid in all cases where your piece of jewelry has been modified in any way, including engraving, resizing or repair, by a third party, other than Zlatarna Križek doo.

3. If any piece of jewelry (including, but not limited to, jewels, chains, buckles, etc.) has fallen out, it must be returned together with all the pieces before any attempt is made to repair it. Zlatarna Križek doo is not responsible for the loss of jewels or jewelry pieces.

4. You cannot transfer the guarantee to a third party.

The manufacturer's warranty does not cover the following:

Color change due to exposure to chemicals, makeup, swimming pools, hot tubs or baths.

Scratches, dents or damage caused by general wear or misuse or physical damage to jewelry.

Bent, damaged by impact or worn carp-holders, which do not allow the stone to fall out or be lost due to careless care or other physical damage.

Lost or stolen stone (s)

Items of jewelry damaged or misused beyond expectation of everyday, normal wearing. Eg. sleeping with jewelry, bathing with jewelry, physical work with jewelry, etc ...

Please note that the following examples are actually characteristics of the product itself and cannot be considered a defect:

Minor irregularities and deviations in the design or design. differences in measures in tenths of mm.

Natural properties of metals or gemstones (such as color, internal inclusions).

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