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Delivery policy

Zlatarna Križek approaches every order and every inquiry with care and individually. Each order, which is specific to specific products that require specific customer-specific parameters, is made separately for each customer and therefore the product you order or buy, and for that product, is made according to the details entered in the order and is thus such an order and product tailored to specific information and unique to each customer. For these reasons, such orders are shipped 5-10 business days from the day the order is placed. purchase received or received in consultation with customer service that gives you all the information. If we have one of the same performance products in one of our outlets then the order will be shipped within 1-3 days depending on the location of the outlet and the time needed to synchronize the system and deliver the products from the outlet to the central warehouse. For products we have in stock and are available immediately, shipment is made the next business day after receiving the order and the delivery time depends on the delivery service with which Zlatarna Križek has a contract, but for the Republic of Croatia as a rule 1-3 business days. Delivery will be made by the delivery service with which Zlatarna Križek doo has a contract for the delivery of shipments.

Once the delivery service has delivered the package, you are required to sign it. The shipment delivered is considered only confirmed or. signed receipt.



Make sure that the payer's information must match the information of the payee. Otherwise, Zlatarna Križek doo reserves the right to cancel the order and the entire online purchase process, all for the purpose of insuring against fraud and security against the purchase of cards that have been stolen. This is how we protect you and our system from abuse.

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