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Zlatarna Križek doo will make a change in the size of your non-engraved or engraved ring once and for free within the first 60 calendar days from receipt of your purchased product to receipt of the product with us.

Modified third-party products or custom-made products (special orders designed and / or manufactured to the specifications and approval of the user) are also eligible for free resizing, but only if technically and technologically feasible, and further warned when ordering of this product.


Please note that the size of the ring can only be changed in the range of sizes available on the website of Zlatarna Križek doo. Custom-made rings (special orders designed and manufactured according to the customer's personal requirements) also qualify for a free resizing regardless of what was originally approved and requested by the customer, but only technically and technologically possible, to which you are advised when ordering and authorizing such a product.

The resizing process only applies to resizing the ring. The width or thickness of the ring cannot be changed as well as the design itself.

To submit your resizing product, complete the product refund request and follow the steps explained in the "RETURN" section. It is very important to make sure that you send us your resizing ring without additional variants such as a gift box or certificate, as these variants will not be returned to you after the resizing of the ring is completed. It is essential that the product is well protected so that it is not damaged in transport. Zlatarna Križek doo is not responsible for the safety and handling of the package while in the possession of the delivery company. That's why we use trusted and trusted delivery partners to get their jewelry to their destination as safely as possible.

Please do not use any third party services such as other companies or jewelers other than Zlatarna Križek doo to resize the ring, as you will void your lifetime warranty.

The ring resizing process takes up to 10 business days depending on the ring and no refund can be obtained for such a ring.

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