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The Šibenik jewelry collection, for many years, has been a very successful collection of traditional Croatian jewelry that emerges in our production and also adorns our offer of gold and silver jewelry. Its visual richness and grandeur, as well as its decent appeal, fit very well into festive moments such as weddings.

Šibenik Jewelry: Traditional Elegance from Zlatarna Križek doo

In the heart of beautiful Šibenik, Zlatarna Križek doo has been nurturing the tradition of making beautiful Šibenik jewelry for decades. Each piece in our "Šibenik Jewelry" collection carries the soul of the city and represents a combination of authenticity, beauty and rich history.

Inspired by the Šibenik environment, our master goldsmiths lovingly create unique pieces of jewelry in the Zlatarna KRižek Online Shop, which revive the cultural heritage of this Mediterranean jewel. From motifs inspired by architecture to symbols that reflect maritime heritage, each piece tells its own story.

Each gem from our "Šibenik Jewelry" collection is handcrafted with care and expertise. Our workshops go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that each piece reflects the high standards set by Zlatarna Križek doo.

Our passion for quality and elegance is visible in every detail of our jewelry. Whether you are looking for a ring, necklace or earrings, Zlatarna Križek d.o.o. offers an unforgettable experience of wearing Sibenik jewelry that leaves you breathless.

Bring the charm of Šibenik with you through our "Šibenik Jewelry" collection. Visit our jewelry store and experience the beauty and elegance of our handmade jewelry that carries the soul of this beautiful city. Zlatarna Križek d.o.o. invites you to discover the story and tradition of Šibenik jewelry.


At Zlatarna Križek d.o.o., we create more than just jewelry, we create masterpieces with soul. Come and experience the beauty of Sibenik jewelry that will remain in your heart forever.

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